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Rentalbuddy team at office, Minc, in Mamlö

We understand the challenges of chasing your entrepreneurial dreams – we've been there and are still on that journey.

Creating an exceptional system that enables both us and you to realize our dreams is the ultimate win-win!

We love tech & we want to build an awesome product

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To champion easy-to-use self-service product rentals


Our mission is to champion easy-to-use self-service product rentals by offering affordable solutions that unlock time and opportunities for individuals and business owners.


Through technology, we want to empower individuals and business owners to pursue their dreams.


Rentalbuddy is there so you can be elsewhere.

Empower Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

We are Rentalbuddy, and we understand the pulse of entrepreneurship. In a world where 70% of small business owners are stretched thin, time is not just money—it's the lifeblood of opportunity and growth. Business owners and entrepreneurs juggle multiple income streams, each demanding their precious time, and the challenge to expand and optimize becomes formidable.

This constant time crunch can choke the potential for new sales and additional revenue streams, turning days into a relentless race against the clock. But what if you could break free from this cycle?

That's where we step in. Rentalbuddy isn't just a service; it's your strategic ally in redefining how you do business. We offer a solution that breathes efficiency into your operations, liberates your schedule, and opens doors to new possibilities. With us, lost opportunities are a thing of the past.


Join Rentalbuddy, reclaim your time, start your dream busness or expand your current business, and watch efficiency become your new norm.

The Rentalbuddy vision is a thriving and sustainable society where individuals and businesses benefit from self-service rentals that give independence, enhance convenience and freedom of choice, and uphold the values of shared resources.

Our Vision




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Buddy of Coin

MSc., +15 years of experience in Business- and product development 

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Buddy of Product

+10 years experience of business- and software development in different roles with e-commerce

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Buddy of Back-end

+10 years experience, Cloud solutions architect and DevOps specialist, full-stack with a passion for back-end

Eric K.
  • LinkedIn

Buddy of Front-end

10+ years experience in software development with a passion for frontend

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Buddy of Full-stack

MSc. Systems and Software Developer with a passion for data, logic and checkout flows

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Buddy of Embedded system

Systems Engineer, specialist in mobile medical equipment

Eric G.
  • LinkedIn

Buddy of Full-stack

Self-taught full-stack with +20 years of experience. Owner Abra Kadabra Software

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Buddy of Self-Service there so you can be elsewhere


Experience the benefits of self-service - easiest booking system on the market!

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