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Relax with self service Sauna rental

Experience the ease of self-service sauna rentals

View from inside a self service sauna rental whit a fireplace and wooden benches insde.

Outdoor Sauna rental is ideal for both new and expanding businesses, Rentalbuddys platform offers a time-efficient solution, reducing the operational workload compared to traditional rental methods.

Streamline your rental process with Rentalbuddy, offering an intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly platform to enhance your customers' booking experience and simplify your management tasks.

Simplify the Sauna Rental Experience with self-service

an image of the Bookingsystem for self service saunas, the booking interface to book the sauna and a keybox for storing keys

Utilize our all-in-one booking platform for hassle-free sauna rental management.

  • Digital Lock Integration: Secure and easy access with various digital lock options.

  • User-Friendly Booking Interface: Customers can book and pay in advance online.

  • Complete Control Over Bookings: Manage all your rentals in one place.

Streamlined Booking for relaxing Sauna experiance

An image of a igloo home padlock and keybox used for any self service rental
  • Secure, Internet-Independent Digital Locks

  • Booking Calendar and Remote Support Tools

  • Let customers book add-ons to sell more. 

  • Seamless Website Integration for Customer Booking

Tailor features for sauna rentals

Launch your sauna rental service

self service sauna station on a trailer located at a beach with blue sky.

Your control center for managing sauna rentals.


Choose Suitable Digital Locks: Select locks that best fit your sauna rental needs.

Rentalbuddy account

Rentalbuddy has partners across Europe to help you find the sauna(s) of your needs.

Mobile or stationary

Glass window for a view

4, 6 och 8 meters

Purchase outdoor sauna

Sell additional:

  • Extra firewood

  • Delivery and pick-up service

  • Pre-heating

  • and much much more...

...all managed though the Rentalbuddy platform, easy for you, and easy for your customers. 


Experience the benefits of self-service - easiest booking system on the market!

Ready to get started?

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