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Effortless Self-Service Trailer Rentals 

Simplify your trailer rental business with our self-service booking system

Trailer rental close-up photo of person unlocking padlock to rent trailer

Drive your business forward with an automated trailer rental solution.


Rentalbuddy's self-service booking system is designed for efficiency, ideal for new and established trailer rental businesses. 

Elevate your trailer rental experience with Rentalbuddy's user-friendly service. Tailored for ease and practicality, Rentalbuddy's system integrates self-service capabilities to transform how trailers are rented.


Offer your clients a hassle-free booking process and manage your trailer inventory effortlessly, all through the all-in-one unmanned trailer booking platform.

Simplify your trailer rental with a self-service rental systems

Rentalbuddy booking platform, Admin user interface, mobile check-out and Igloo home padlock

Utilize our all-in-one booking platform for hassle-free trailer rental management.

  • Digital Lock Integration: Secure and easy access with various digital lock options.

  • User-Friendly Booking Interface: Customers can book and pay in advance online.

  • Complete Control Over Bookings: Manage all your trailers in one place.

Streamlined Booking for trailers

Igloo home padlock
  • Secure locks: Internet-independent Class 3 locks. One-time pin codes that are active during the rental period. 

  • Automatic identification: Renters are prompted to provide ID before they can access the boat. 

  • Quality of service: Pick-up and return flows to secure qualify of service

  • Seamless Website Integration for Customer Bookings

  • Booking Calendar and Remote Support Tools

Tailor features for trailer rentals

Self-service trailer rental 

Trailer for rental

Your control center for managing trailer rentals.


Padlocks are the locks of your choice for this type of rental. 

Accounts & Locks

Contact your local dealer.

Purchase trailer

From a distance you can help your customers in multipple ways, for example change product and send a new code. 

Support your customers

Ready to get started?

Experience the benefits of self-service - easiest booking system on the market!

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