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Renter enjoying life with self service

Streamline your operations and free up valuable time by enabling customers to self-book and self-serve with Rentalbuddys booking system


Rentalbuddy is there so you can be elsewhere...

The booking platform that you & your customers will love

The booking platform for any unmanned self-service rental

The booking platform for On-Site and Self-Service Rentals -  Combined in one system

Streamline your on-site rental operations with Rentalbuddy. Our system is designed to manage your day-to-day bookings efficiently, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your customers.

On-Site Rental Business Simplified

Flexibility at your fingertips – with Rentalbuddy, schedule activities and tours exactly how you want. Our intuitive platform allows for easy adjustments and planning, making it simple to organize and adapt to your business needs.

Customizable Scheduling for Activities and Tours

Rentalbuddy booking platoform, The Admin tool - This is the central hub where you can manage all aspects of your rental busin

Expand your rental offerings with Rentalbuddy. Our system supports various types of self-service rentals, providing you with the tools to cater to a broader customer base and explore new market opportunities effortlessly.

Self-Service Rental

From introduction & onboarding to the daily operations of your rental business. Rentalbuddy is your reliable partner since are elsewhere. 

Support all the way

Moch-up photo of Rentalbuddys booking platform, mobile view

Try the check-out

Click the button below to make a test booking.

Use the following details:

Card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242 

MM/YY: Enter a year in the future

CVC: 3 digits

Packed with everything you need as a self service renter. Payment, pin codes, Qr-booking flow, return flow and much more. 

The booking system built for self-service rentals

Self-service renter by his mobile self-service kayak station

Rentalbuddy seamlessly integrates with a variety of digital locks, and 4G & WiFi solutions. This integration allows for effortless access to rental items, ensuring a smooth and efficient rental experience. 

Integrated with digital locks

Let your customers book and pay in advance by themselves – all without leaving your website. Rentalbuddy integrates easily directly onto your website to provide the best possible customer experience

Integrates on any web platform

Regardless of what you offer...

Rentalbuddy is the bookingsystem for you...

With Rentalbuddy you are able to manage multiple rental stations in one view. Add your manned rental station and grow with unmanned stations, all in one place.

One account several locations

If anything would not go as planned for your customers, eg a product is broken. You will then easily be able to switch to a different product for them, and automatically sending a new code to the new product. 

Self service support

In the system you will be able to plan your open dates and hours in a flexible manner. In the booking view your customers will be able to freely select dates and times for pickup and return based on your settings. 

Manage open hours and dates

QR codes on self-service locations makes it easy for the customer to book on site, or for you to register a drop-in booking from your phone. Keeping track of bookings and payments.

Support for Drop-In, QR-code & Online Booking

Quickly check the availability and rental status of your inventory, with views to help you get an overview of the self-service rental or prepare items for rental at each time slot.

Booking management

In the booking system you will get feedback on if your customer has picked up and eturned their products. If you want even more information from your customers you can add a feedback form and get ratings and responses on questions you have

Keeping track of your customers

Rentalbuddy automatically sends booking confirmations to customers and notifies you of new bookings for optimal business planning. 30 minutes before the booking ends the customer will be notified.

Notifications for You and Customers

If there is something wrong with the self-service renter Rentalbuddy helps you to support the customer from home.

Support from distance

That's why our platform is designed to grow and adapt alongside your business. Start with one or two locks at one self service station and grow your business with more locks or stations. 

Scalable with your business needs 

Some of Rentalbuddy's smart and easy features

The booking manager

Our booking manager provides lessors with an administrative view of their daily bookings, product availability at specific times, and an overview displaying more task-heavy times of their workday.

The event and course functions

The event and course functions provide easy control over available dates and times as well as contains an event calendar for a clear overview of bookings for different courses. The option to set the course availability in accordance with a product inventory is also available for lessors with course related products.

Flexible business hours settings

This interface allows lessors to manage business hours that occur at different times. For example, if you have specific business hours during the month of May, and other during June and August. Choose which business hours that are available for pick-up and returns, rental durations, and add a deadline to the customer bookings or block customers from booking specific days where the service is unavailable.   

Easy lock transfer function

This function allows lessors to manage an unlimited number of locks through their account. Every lock connects to a rentable product. Lessors can easily change connections between locks and products. For example, if a lock is used for a particular product during the winter months, it can be transferred and used on another product for the summer months. 

Ready to get started?

Experience the benefits of self-service - easiest booking system on the market!

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