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BlekingeSurf rentals, boat and self-service kayak and SUP rental

Updated: May 27

Ola Thomasson at one of the self-service locations in Ronneby, Blekinge

What does Ola at Blekingesurf use the Rentalbuddy booking system for?

  1. Two self-service stations located with kayaks and SUPs at Östra Piren and at Ekenäs small boat harbor in Ronneby.

  2. Two boats in Eknäs small boat harbor.

  3. Rental of large family SUPs and more.

Ola is an entrepreneur with heaps of contagious energy, and has “many strings on his lyre”

Ola Thomasson at the boat renttal locations in Ronneby, Blekinge

From kitesurfing to self-service kayak and SUP rental

Established in 2009 as a commercial diving company, BlekingeSurf has evolved into a water sports hub. They offer certified kitesurfing lessons, SUP and kayak rentals, thrilling water-based events, and boat rentals for exploring the beautiful Blekinge archipelago.

Blekinge surf activity, SUP ball

With Ola's experience running a small business, he realized that without self-service solutions, the business would be tough to grow due to a lack of available time. He knew the locations and Rentalbuddy had the technology. Ola quickly decided to purchase kayak trailers and products, and within a few weeks, he was up and running!

The location of the self-service rental is important

One of the locations that Ola tried for the first summer turned out to be a less favorable spot. For the second summer, he made an easy location change, which turned out to be a great decision and spot.

Being able to support customers remotely has been extremely valuable, I can now take up my phone or computer wherever I am and solve any customer support issues directly when a customer calls. Also, the booking app for the web was easy to integrate on the webpage, and it is super that the booking has the same look and feel for both the kayaks and the boat.

Blekinge Surf activity, SUP ride with boat



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