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Blending self-service with guided tours and courses: Alexanders kayak rental model

Welcome to the transformative journey of Alexander, a seasoned kayak racer turned educator, who has masterfully combined guided tours and self-service rental solutions to enhance his business, Arkipelagkajak. By leveraging the capabilities of the Rentalbuddy booking system.

Alexander, Arkipelagkajak at Fisktorget Karlskrona

Seamless Integration of Self-Service rentals and guided events

At the heart of Karlskrona, Alexander manages a self-service station at Fisktorget. From this location, he caters to both guided tours, and courses and those who prefer to rent kayaks and SUPs independently.

It is simple to create courses in the system and let people sign up. The inventory between self-service and the events is flexibly integrated giving me as a renter the flexibiliy to operate.

Focus on Safety and Education

Alexander’s commitment to safety and education is evident in his guided tours and paddling courses. Certified under the Euro Paddle Pass framework, these educational programs are designed to ensure safe and enjoyable paddling. By teaching essential skills and safety measures, Alexander empowers participants to feel confident and secure on the water.

Benefits of Rentalbuddy’s Booking System

The integration of Rentalbuddy's booking system has been pivotal in reducing the administrative burden traditionally associated with rental and tour businesses. This system manages bookings, payment, and event organization efficiently, freeing up Alexander’s time to focus on providing high-quality experiences rather than getting bogged down by paperwork and emails.

Huge flexibility and freedom as a guide come from focusing on my guided tours and courses across multiple locations, while utilizing self-service options at Fisktorget when I don't have events. This setup suits Arkipelagkajaks needs perfectly, allowing me to tailor my schedule effectively.

Self-service kayak and SUP rental Fisktorget Karlskrona

Future Prospects and Growth

With the support of an efficient booking system, Alexander is set for further expansion. His approach not only maximizes the usage of his resources but also enhances the accessibility of kayaking adventures in Karlskrona.


Alexander's method of utilizing the system for guided tours with self-service rentals showcases a successful model for maximizing resource usage and increasing customer satisfaction. Through strategic use of technology and a focus on quality service, Alexander is leading the way in transforming how kayak rental businesses operate. Join him to experience the best of both worlds in kayak rentals and embark on your next water adventure with confidence and ease.



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