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From Canoes to Cabins: Discover How Rentalbuddy Empowered Immeln Canoe Center

Updated: May 27

What do Jon and Linda use the Rentalbuddys booking system for? ️

  1. Immeln Canoe Center with around 100 rental products

  2. Camp Immeln with camping spots, cabins, glamping, and tent spots.

  3. Self-service canoe and kayak rental in the center of Kristianstad

Linda and Jon owners if Immeln canoe center

Immeln canoe center from above

Rentalbuddys collaboration with Jon and Linda started +2 years ago, they were the first customers to use our booking system. With Jon and Linda's deep experience in the rental industry and our deep knowledge of software development, we have created a great booking system for the outdoor rental industry.

Lake immeln with canoe paddlers

One of the Great things we have developed with Immeln is the possibility to have a “Forcing Fee”. Immeln Canoe Center use this feature for their ‘Nature preservation fee’ - which is a mandatory fee for every booking. The fee goes to the municipality of Östra Göinge, to make sure that Immeln will be a pleasant and attractive visitor destination over time with preserved natural values. The ambition is to build a greener, more sustainable, and more coherent canoe trail.

Immeln canoe center

For this summer they also started using the booking system for their camping, Camp Immeln, and have also started a self-service canoe and kayak station. With the Rentalbuddy self-service solution, Immeln uses the possibility to expand their business without the need for more staff which brings down the risk when evaluating new rental locations.

Jon Marin and Emil Jonsson in kayaks

We are super happy about the fantastic collaboration that we have. All the feedback we have received has improved our booking system and the booking experience for the paddler. We are very excited about what the future has to bring!



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