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Hanö Dyk & Ribcharter

What does Hampus at Hanö Dyk & Ribcharter use the Rentalbuddy booking system for?

  1. Events.

  2. Excursion and guided tours.

  3. Company requests.

A new outlook on nature

Hampus has spent lots of time both underneath and above the surface. For many years he has had a smaller both and focused on diving. With age, his view of nature has changed. He appreciates the beauty of Hanö much more. This leads him to think “More people should see this beautiful place on Earth”. Say and done, in 2021 he founded Hanö Dyk och Ribbåt, with a key focus on nature and guiding the tourist through the scenery of the beautiful surroundings, plus the awesome experience that is to travel with a rib boat!

Rentalbuddy's booking system unlocks unique advantages

The key advantage of the booking platform is that all administrative tasks are neatly organized in one place. Handling bookings has become much more efficient and hassle-free, thanks to the platform's user-friendly interface. And having access to the booking platform at all times has been very helpful, making it incredibly convenient for both Hampus and his customers.

We take great pride in having Hampus, a humble and nature-loving individual, as our partner. We are excited about the opportunity to grow and evolve our businesses together!



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