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How your customers book with Rentalbuddy's booking system for unmanned and manned rentals

Updated: Jun 19

Booking with Rentalbuddy is quick and easy. With our booking system, you can easily rent anything from a canoe or kayak , to a trailer or a sauna . Regardless of whether the rental takes place completely unmanned, manned, or through a combination of both, all it takes is a couple of clicks for a customer to access what you, as a renter, want to rent out. In this article we explain the four steps to book with Rentalbuddy's digital booking system; to book, unlock, use the product, and return it.

1. Book

The booking takes place through Rentalbuddy's digital booking system, which the renter can access either through the renter's website or through a QR code on-site at the rental location. A booking is made as follows:

Book button example of how it might look with Rentalbuddys booking system
Book button example of how it might look with Rentalbuddys booking system

  1. The customer presses the book button on the renter's website or scans the QR code on-site.

  2. Specifies the date and time for pick-up and return of the rental product.

  3. Selects the product desired to be rented and how many of it.

  4. Selects accessories and possible insurance

  5. Enter customer details (First and last name, email, and phone number).

  6. Proceed to payment.

Payment can be made through several different payment methods, including card, Swish, Klarna, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Link. Payment is made quickly and securely through the renter's account with Stripe.

Test the booking flow here , where you can also read more about the booking platform.

Did you know that with the help of Rentalbuddy's system, you as a renter have access to many smart functions that facilitate communication with the customer? Such as sending personal messages, links to safety videos, instructions and much more. Everything to make it easier for you as a renter.

2. Unlock

After a completed booking, the customer receives a booking confirmation with the information they need to open the lock and access the booked product. When the customer is at the rental location, they press the link in the booking confirmation, and they get access to the PIN codes they need to open the padlock.

Igloo home digital locks, Padlock and Smart Keybox 3

Digital locks

To unlock a digital lock, the customer does the following:

  1. The customer presses the open link in the booking confirmation. The code is shown to the customer 15 minutes before the booking starts.

  2. Press any button to activate the lock.

  3. Key in the code.

  4. Tap the lock symbol in the lower right corner.

  5. The lock opens.

Manual locks

To unlock a manual lock, the customer goes through the same steps as for a Digital lock.

Difference between digital and manual locks

The difference between Digital locks and Manual locks is that each customer gets a unique code for Digital locks, but for Manual locks, it is the same code until you, as a tenant, choose to change them.

Did you know that Rentalbuddy's booking system gives you as a renter the opportunity to create the steps you want your customers to go through before the 'unlock'.

3. Use the product

Examples of products that can be rented out with rentalbuddy's unmanned booking system

Now the customer is ready to paddle a canoe , enjoy a quiet moment in a sauna or take a trip with a boat out at sea! When the rental period is coming to an end, the booking system automatically sends out a reminder to the customer that it needs to be returned immediately.

Should the customer discover a problem with their product, you as a landlord can resolve most support issues digitally via your account.

4. Leave back

When it is time to return the rented product, the customer himself returns it to the rental location. The customer locks the equipment using the same code they received when unlocking it. After this, the customer confirms that he has returned the equipment through the link in the booking confirmation. In this way, you as the renter have control over when and if the equipment is returned.

Did you know that with Rentalbuddy's booking booking platform, you as a renter can easy automate to ask questions to your customer in conjunction with the return? Such as giving ratings, free text questions or reviews and asking for a picture. Or give away a discount code on the next booking in exchange for a Google review.


Illustration of how the Rentalbuddy flow works, Book, unlock, use, return

In conclusion, Rentalbuddy's digital booking system enables a smooth and simple process for renting different types of equipment, whether it is through unmanned or manned rental. Through four simple steps – book, unlock, use and return – a customer can quickly and securely access what they want to rent. With multiple payment options and secure handling via Stripe, as well as user-friendly unlocking methods, Rentalbuddy ensures that your customer's rental experience will be both comfortable and safe. With Rentalbuddy, it is easy for the customer to rent, and for you as the landlord to rent out.

Are you interested in starting your own business where you can use our system? Read our guide on how to start and run your rental business with Rentalbuddy's booking system .



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