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NoMooreBoots Introducing the Future of Skiing, a self-service concept for ski rental, Powered by Rentalbuddy

Updated: Jan 18

Embracing the Digital Ski Rental Revolution

The outdoor industry is rapidly evolving with the rise of digital solutions, and the ski rental sector is no exception. With an increasing demand for convenient and innovative rental services, we're proud to unveil a pioneering development in ski rentals, powered by Rentalbuddy's booking platform.

self-service ski rental concept NMB Rent

The Journey to Innovation: Accelerated by Rentalbuddy self-service booking system booking platform, admin view, booking view and digital igloo padlock

NMB's vision for an unmanned ski rental service began in spring 2022, driven by a passion to revolutionize the skiing experience. By partnering up with Rentalbuddy, they expedited their journey to market. We are excited about the launch of the pilot project, NMB Rent, at Kläppen Ski Resort, Sweden, starting December 15th.

How booking ski with self-service (Swedish speaking)

Experience the Ease of the self-service; NMB Rent

self-service ski rental concept NMB Rent

NMB Rent offers a user-friendly, efficient rental experience:

  • Slope-Side Convenience: Access skis right at the slopes from our strategically placed racks.

  • Smartphone Ski Selection: Choose and unlock skis directly via your phone.

  • SkiClicker® for Easy Adjustments: Quickly adjust bindings with this innovative tool.

Skier Feedback and Enthusiasm for NMB Rent

In developing NMB Rent, they gathered insights from skiers whose excitement is palpable. They're thrilled about the convenience of trying various skis, avoiding transportation hassles, adapting to snow conditions, and flexible rental times. This new rental model promises to add a fun and dynamic aspect to skiing.

Välkommen till världens första obemannade skiduthyrning

Igloo padlock för upplåsning av rentalbuddy digital upplåsning

Sustainable Partnerships: The Core of NMB Rent

NMB Rent's success is anchored in collaborative partnerships and a sustainable business model. Through Rentalbuddy's platform, they aim to maximize ski utilization and promote a circular economy in the ski industry.

Try the QR too BOOK flow (click-here):

Follow Our Winter Adventure - self-service rental

As we embark on this exciting winter season with NMB Rent, stay tuned for updates and insights.

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