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Mobile self-service rental - Kajup

Updated: May 26

Photo by Hugo Bernhard for Östersunds-posten.

A mobile self-service station with kayaks and SUPs at Brynäset in Östersund

Simon is an outdoor passionate person who wants to make outdoor activities more

accessible. His dynamic work schedule, characterized by irregular hours and free daytime, naturally led him to the concept of self-service as an ideal solution.

After doing some research he found that Rentalbuddy's booking system suited his needs and also allowed him to expand in the future.

An ensured seamless operation with Rentalbuddy's booking system

While the set-up of the rental station took some time, the operation is now running seamlessly. According to Simon, the Rentalbuddy system is a straightforward and user-friendly platform that is incredibly easy to dive into, even for beginners.

We at Rentalbuddy are grateful to have been chosen as Simon's partner. We are both committed to making outdoor activities more accessible and we are looking forward to what the future will bring!



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