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Self-service booking system for boat rental service

Updated: May 26

What does MarinaOne use the Rentalbuddy booking system for?

  1. Self-service reservations for their members in their boat rental service.

  2. Uses the Igloo Keybox for all the keys you need for a boat.

MarinaOne - an effortless boat life made easy

MarinaOne is made for people who want to enjoy an effortless boat life! MarinaOnes customers get access to several different boats at a handful of different harbors for a set fee per season.

All reservations are managed through Rentalbuddy's self-service booking system. The member simply places a reservation gets a code to the key box and then they are all set to enjoy their time on the water.

Increased service level for their members

MarinaOne is enhancing its customer service by adopting self-service technology. This move allows the company to extend its operating hours, providing greater flexibility for its members, while reducing the necessity for constant staff presence. Members benefit from more accessible services, adding extra value to their memberships. At the same time, MarinaOne can operate more efficiently by lowering operational costs. This strategic use of self-service technology supports improved member satisfaction and operational effectiveness, creating a beneficial situation for both the company and its customers.



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