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How an Online Booking System Can Streamline Your Östkusten Kayak Adventure

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

What does Östkusten Kajak use the Rentalbuddys booking system for?

  1. One manned location in Gryt with kayaks, tents, bikes and more.

  2. One manned location in Västervik with kayaks, SUP and bikes.

Östkusten kajak location

Two decades worth of expertise simplified

Christian and Eva-Karin have successfully been running Östkusten kayak for close to 2 decades.

Christian has taken part in building the outdoor product segment for one of the largest retail chains in Sweden. Today they are producing their kayak models and run two rental locations.

Their bookings have been managed by phone and email since the beginning of their journey. But for this summer, they have embraced the Rentalbuddy booking system to streamline their operations of +200 bookable products.

Additional value to customers with the Rentalbuddy system

The key advantage of the booking platform for Ostkusten Kajak has been to get all the booking data structured. Provided help with administration duties, so that they now can focus more of their energy on adding more value for their customers.



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