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How Östkusten Kajak Enhances Its Rental Operations with Rentalbuddy’s Booking System

Updated: May 27

Christian and Eva-Karin, the dynamic duo behind Östkusten Kajak, have been at the helm of this thriving outdoor rental and product sales for nearly two decades. Their extensive experience and deep passion for the outdoors have established Östkusten Kajak as a beacon of quality and reliability in Sweden's outdoor rental market.

Today, not only do they craft their own line of bespoke kayaks, but they also operate two premier rental locations with more than 200 bookable products.

The team at Östskusten kajak

From phone and e-mail to booking system

Their bookings have been managed by phone and email since the beginning of their journey. But for the summer of 2022, they have embraced the Rentalbuddy booking system to streamline their operations of +200 bookable products at thier manned locations in Gryt and Västervik.

Östkusten kajak location

Focus their energy on customer value-add

The introduction of the Rentalbuddy booking platform has reduced the time spent on administration;

having organized booking data has streamlined administrative tasks

This strategic enhancement allows the team to devote more of their energy to what truly matters—enriching the customer experience. Whether it’s kayaks, SUPs, tents, or bikes, every aspect of the rental process is now optimized to ensure that each customer’s adventure is nothing short of exceptional. With Östkusten Kajak, it’s not just about renting outdoor gear; it’s about delivering memorable experiences that resonate long after the journey ends.

Instructions before kayak trip



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