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Seasick self-service rentals

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

What does Elias at Seasick use the Rentalbuddys booking system for?

  1. Two self-service stations are located with kayaks and SUPs at Norge-Boke and Camping Trendenborg in Sölvesborg.

  2. Boats in Sölvesborg small boat harbor.

An entrepreneur with a passion

Elias is a fantastic entrepreneur and pirate with an utmost positive attitude. Established in 2021 Elias wanted to turn his passion for the ocean into a business. Self-service was the way to go since he continued working as a sea pirate with the Coast Guard.

Elias did his research and found that Rentalbuddy was the system for him to grow his business in. Starting with two self-service kayak and SUP rentals, one mobile on a trailer and one on the ground, plus a super fast fishing boat which he is considering also renting out self-service.

The flexibility of Rentalbuddy's booking system

The mobility of the stations has been of huge value for Seasick. Both when it comes to preparing everything “at home” and the possibility to try different spots in the area.

Being able to try different spots has given him insight into where the demand for different products is and how different locations' customers' booking behaviors vary (spontaneous and pre-bookings).

He has received a lot of positive feedback from his customers on how simple and neat it is to book, check-in and check-out the products.

Thank you Elias, for all the positive energy and valuable feedback. We are super excited for the summers to come!



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