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Increase Your Bookings - A Guide to Optimizing Your Website

Running a successful unmanned rental business requires not only Rentalbuddy's booking system, but also a well-designed and optimized website. It is often where the customer who wants to rent something comes into contact with your business for the first time, the path to your website can be many, through search engines, map searches, or social media. By following these tips, you can increase bookings and make it easier for potential customers to find and book your equipment. In this blog post, we will present three important things to optimize your website and maximize your booking rate with Rentalbuddy's booking system for manned or unmanned rentals.

1. Make sure people find your website

To boost your booking numbers, it's crucial that your website ranks high in search engine results. Enhance your chances by incorporating relevant keywords and search terms or phrases throughout your website's text. Put yourself in the customer's shoes; they don't know you or your company name. They are looking to rent or book a product or service, typically associated with a specific location.

google search example of how a customer searches to find a renter of products

Examples of keywords that you should have on your website:

  • Canoes: “ Canoe paddling in [ name of town or place ]” or Paddling in Stockholm.

  • Kayaks: “ Paddling in [ name of town or place ]” or Kayaking in Stockholm.

  • Trailer: " Rent a trailer in Malmö "

  • Sauna: " Book a sauna in Skåne "

  • Boats: "Rent a boat in Blekinge" or " Rent a boat in Karlskrona .

  • Skis: “ Rent skis in Kläppen

  • Pedal boat: “Rent a pedal boat in Malmö

  • Cabin: “ Rent a cabin in [ place or town ]” or Rent a cabin in by the lake in X

  • Golf cart: “ Rent a golf car [ golf course name ]

The place or town can be a landscape, city, district, village, lake or watercourse. Think based on what your customer is looking for!

Also, regularly create new and engaging content, such as blog posts and guides related to what your business does or rents out.

By making your website more visible and attractive to search engines, you can attract more potential customers to your business and thus increase the number of bookings.

Google also offers many services to make it easier for you as a business. By using their Google Business Profile, you can, for example, appear on Google Maps and display information about your company directly in the search engine's results. To do this, follow the steps in the guides to verify your business on Google and add or claim your business profile on Google .

If you want to learn more about the basics of how to get high in the search engines, this video is a good place to start:

2. Make it easy for the customer to make a reservation

Once the customer arrives on your website, it is important that they find the book button quickly and easily. With Rentalbuddy's platform, you can choose where the Call-to-Action (CTA) button, i.e. the book button, should be placed. Place it in a visible and logical place on the page so that customers can easily understand where to click.

By making it easy for visitors to see and find your book button, you increase the chance that they will also choose to book and use your service.

Preferably in the middle of the page next to or below the first heading, or in the upper right corner so that it is always visible regardless of where the customer is on their website.

Example of book button on rentalbuddy customer webpage

3. Explain all relevant information

Once visitors have found your website, it is important that they receive all the necessary information to make a decision. Clearly explain what products or services are offered to rent and include details such as prices, availability, and any terms and conditions. Also use pictures and descriptions to display your equipment in an attractive way. The more transparent and informative you are, the greater the chance that the visitor will feel comfortable booking and renting from you.

As a Rentalbuddy customer, you will likely offer unmanned rentals or a combination of "regular" and unmanned. Therefore, be clear to the customer how unmanned rental with the help of Rentalbuddy works:

  1. Book - The customer clicks the book button and selects the date and time to see the products that are available. After an order is placed, they receive a confirmation email with details of how the customer should open the lock.

  2. Unlock - Once the customer is on-site, the customer opens the link in the confirmation email and uses the PIN code to open the product.

  3. The customer uses your product - Whether the customer is paddling, boating or using a trailer, Rentalbuddy makes it easy to access and use the product.

  4. Return - The customer uses the same pin code as before to lock the product and confirms that it has been returned through the return link in the confirmation email. After the customer returns, they can easily leave a review and rate your service via Google.

4. Tracking of Users

To see how your visitors and customers use your website, there are several solutions.

Keeping track of statistics around this makes it easier for you to see what changes you need to make to the website.

Something important before you track your visitors and their use of the website, is to have a clear Cookie Policy. It informs your visitors that your site uses cookies and what they are used for. Clearly explain the consequences of allowing or not allowing cookies, so they can make a decision. If your website uses cookies, you must inform visitors about this. We recommend CookieBot , which also has a free variant to use.

To see more clearly how your visitors use your website, you can use Google's own tool, Google Analytics . Rentalbuddy is here to help you with both CookieBot and Google Analytics if needed.


By simplifying the booking process, clearly presenting essential information, and enhancing your website’s search engine visibility, you can increase the bookings on your site. A more intuitive website encourages more visitors to navigate to the booking page and finalize their bookings.

Utilizing Rentalbuddy's user-friendly booking system makes converting a visitor into a customer seamless!

Haven't you already started your business? Read our blog post where we present 10 tips on unmanned rental companies that are easy to start .

Are you interested in using Rentalbuddy's booking system, which works for both manned and unmanned rentals?



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