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10 tips on self-service rental companies that are easy to start

Updated: May 27

The rental market offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs to start and grow their business. What distinguishes a rental business is its versatility, where you can operate in almost any field. 

To make it easier for entrepreneurs, existing ones, or those who are thinking of taking the step and starting their own, we have compiled a list of 10 suggestions for rentals for your unmanned rental company.

Our ambition is to make the process of starting and growing as a rental company and rental service as easy and efficient as possible using modern technology.

  1. Kayak rental

  2. SUP (Stand-up Paddle Board) Rental

  3. Canoe rental

  4. Boat rental

  5. Trailer rental

  6. Bike rental

  7. Sauna rental

  8. Cabin rental

  9. Apartment rental

  10. Ski rental

Kayak rental - Stable demand during the summer season

With an increasing demand for outdoor activities, kayak and canoe rentals are a great choice. Digital solutions for rental companies like Rentalbuddy make it easy to manage bookings and equipment, giving your customers the freedom to explore the water on their own. 

Example of kayak rental:

SUP (Stand-up Paddle Board) Rentals - Training and Recreation

SUP is a fun activity that attracts fitness enthusiasts and adventurers. Offer customers a chance to explore local waterways in a unique way with an efficient booking system for rental companies.

If you run a gym, why not supplement your membership offer with SUP training. Rent out the SUPs unmanned when not using them yourself.

Example of SUP rental:

Canoe Rentals - Ideal for Family Outings

Canoes are perfect for family outings and nature experiences. Start a canoe rental business and use technology to streamline your rental business.

Family paddling a canoe

Example of canoe rental:

Boat Rentals - A Popular Choice for Tourists

Boat rental is ideal for fishing, sightseeing and water sports. It is a sought-after service among tourists and locals, and with a booking system from rentalbuddy you can make the rental unmanned, but you can also offer guided tours and courses.

Example of unmanned boat rental:

Trailer rental - Practical and in demand

Trailer for unmanned rental

Trailers are useful for transporting larger items. A trailer rental service can be a valuable resource for businesses and individuals alike, and with a digital booking system that enables unmanned rentals, the process becomes smooth.

Example of unmanned trailer rental:

Blog post: Why did select for their self-service trailer rental at ICA Höganäs?

Sauna rental - Warm and Relaxed Experience

Offer a unique experience with mobile or stationary saunas. It is perfect for relaxation and health. Place a sauna by a lake or sea, where it should ideally be possible to do it, and a bathing jetty is a definite plus. With a mobile sauna, you increase your flexibility to offer delivery to customers while you can have a place you can go from. The customer starts the sauna himself and enjoys the spa, but you do other things.

Sauna with a view of the lake

Read more here: Sauna rental

Cottage rental - Cozy and sought after

Cottage rental with an unmanned digital booking system means significant time savings and flexibility, as the system handles everything from displaying available times to payments without the need for personal presence . Customers also appreciate the convenience of being able to easily book and pay online. This efficient system reduces administration for the owner and improves the customer experience, creating a win-win situation for both landlords and tenants.

Camping: Unmanned check-in outside reception opening hours.

Apartment rental - Let the guests check in and out themselves

Igloo smart keybox for renting an apartment or cottage

Short-term apartment rentals are a great way to make money from vacant properties, especially in popular tourist destinations. For housing associations, unmanned is an excellent option, especially for those of you who only rent to friends and acquaintances, avoiding key management can be worth a lot.

Bike rental - Eco-friendly and Popular

Igloo smart padlocks for bike rental

Bicycle rental is popular in cities and tourist areas. It is an environmentally friendly option that gives customers the freedom to explore the surroundings. With a booking system for rental companies, you can easily manage your bike fleet.

Ski rental - Promote a Circular Economy

Unique concept development together with NoMoreBoots (). By collaborating with Rentalbuddy accelerated their journey to market with the unmanned ski rental concept NMB Rent.


Starting an unmanned rental business can be a profitable and rewarding business idea. Whether you choose water activities, transport, accommodation or sports equipment, there is a high demand for quality rental services. With the right strategy and commitment, you can build a successful business that meets your customers' needs.

List of advantages of unmanned rental company

  1. Cost efficiency: Reduced personnel costs as much of the business is automated.

  2. Availability: Enables bookings and inquiries 24/7 without requiring staff available at all times.

  3. Scalability: Easier to expand operations to multiple locations without increasing the need for a lot of staff.

  4. Efficiency increase: Automated processes reduce the time required for both administration and customer management.

  5. Improved Customer Experience: Gives customers the freedom to book and manage their bookings when it suits them best.

  6. Minimized risk of error: Automation reduces the risk of human error in the booking process.

  7. Data Collection and Analysis: Enables easy collection of data to understand customer behaviors and improve services.

  8. Flexibility for Owners: The owner does not need to be physically present to manage every aspect of the business.

  9. Simple Maintenance and Monitoring: The technology enables digital support and management of rental units.

  10. Increased Security: Digital booking systems integrate security features such as electronic locks and surveillance cameras for increased security.



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