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Self-service rental of ski using Rentalbuddy booking system and Igloo home padlocks

Booking system for self-service rentals

Unlock your time while creating new opportunities with self-service product rental 

Start a self-service rental today!

Integrate your existing rental business with Rentalbuddy and grow it with more locations or start a side business with self-service. 

Running a self-service location takes a fraction of the time compared to a conventional rental business. ​

Unlock your time with self-service. 

All-in-one booking platform, both Self-service and On-site combined in one seamless system. 


Whether you a thinking of starting your first rental, or expanding your business Rentalbuddy is the solution for you.  ​

Booking system

Rentalbuddys booking platform, cloud based admin and for desktop and mobile and check-out flow for desktop and mobile

Rentalbuddy seamlessly integrates with various digital locks, such as Igloo Home Padlocks and Keyboxes, as well as 4G & WiFi solutions. This integration allows for effortless access to rental items, ensuring a smooth and efficient rental experience for your customers.

Digital locks

Let your customers book and pay in advance by themselves – all without leaving your website. Rentalbuddy integrates easily directly onto your website to provide the best possible customer experience

Booking interface

The booking interface which a rentalbuddy customer gets through the platform for thier customers

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Start where you are, grow with Rentalbuddy

Dreaming of starting a rental business but overwhelmed of balancing work, family, and entrepreneurship?

Rentalbuddy is your solution. Designed to help you turn your vision into reality, our platform simplifies the process, making it manageable and rewarding.


Example of an entrepreneur and business owner that is renting out kayaks and sup with rentalbuddys self-service bookinig system

Ready to grow your rental business but worried about managing additional locations?

Rentalbuddy is here for you. Seamlessly integrate your current operations with our system and effortlessly expand with self-service options at new sites.

Rental owner

Have a groundbreaking idea you want to take global?


But lack the booking software and infrastructure, look no further. Rentalbuddy is crafted for your ambitious goals, enabling quick start-up and scalable growth.

Concept developer

The booking platform

Gather all your bookings in one place and get a clear overview. Easy-to-use booking calendar and tools to provide remote support for you self-service customers. 

Complete control over your bookings

Let your customers book and pay in advance by themselves – all without leaving your website. Rentalbuddy integrates easily directly onto your website to provide the best possible customer experience.

User-friendly and optimized booking experience

Rentalbuddys bookingplatform for self-service together with locks from Igloo home

Digital locks that works without internet connection. Your customer gets a unique code that they use to pick-up and return.

The system is packed with featuer to support you self-service rental needs. 

Secure locks for many self-service rental purposes

From introduction & onboarding to the daily operations of your rental business. Rentalbuddy is your reliable partner since your are elsewhere. 

Support all the way

Contact Rentalbuddy to get a demo and a account 

01 Book a demo

Locks are shipped to you and added to your account

02 Choose locks

Install the locks on your products. Now your are ready to rent out products, self-service!

03 Rent out 

Getting started

Whats needed to get started?

Begin your journey by setting up your Rentalbuddy account. It's your command center, where you can manage bookings, track inventory, and gain insights into your business performance. Simple, intuitive, and powerful, your Rentalbuddy account is the first step towards a successful self-service rental business.

Rentalbuddy Account

Our system integrates with a variety of digital locks, ensuring your products are locked yet easily accessible to your customers. These smart locks are not just easy to use, they're about providing a seamless and modern rental experience and enableing you to be elsewhere.

Rentalbuddy Locks

What you rent matters as much as how you rent it. With Rentalbuddy, you can list a diverse range of products, from outdoor equipment to vehicles, and everything in between. Our platform is designed to handle various types of rentals, offering flexibility and scalability to grow your inventory as your business expands.

Your Products

The right location can make all the difference. Whether it's a bustling city center or a serene countryside, Rentalbuddy empowers you to start the location of your dream. Without the need of additional staffing. 

Your Location

Ready to get started?

Experience the benefits of self-service - easiest booking system on the market!

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